Blogging Hypocrites Revealed

After a year of spot checking one thing's clear; some blogoholics are sincere salt 'o the earth. A few are interested in one thing only, themselves, and creating an heirarchal exclusive club. Shame, shame on the self-proclaimed brothers and sisters portending humanitarian justice while instigating Blog Crime against us fellow brothers and sisters. Yeah I'm fed up with this!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Too Many Dumbassitudes

Whoa! Too many dumbassitudes posing as open-minded advocates for justice. Take your magnifying glass to self-proclaimed Blog Gurus (you know the kind, they hide behind intellectual snarking but are little more then self-righteous dogmatics who can't see themselves in the mirror past their own image of themselves (uber-brained heirarchists making up the rules as they see fit).

Let's call a spade an excavator. Dig and ye shall find. The ramblings of the flaccid should be questioned as hard as the Gestapo Governements. The last thing we need if we are to all stick together as one to fight against the atrocities of right-wing Christian moralists is Blog Gurus disguising themselves as "One Of Us". These demi-blog-gods hold us back and create division within creating their own standards to impose on us. Why perhaps they've been planted by the Harpermania pepes to do just that, conquor and divide.

Don't buy into their balderdash.